Members of our group aren't getting coins

Hi, my name is LouAnn Masters, and I’m the leader of the group The TikiWarriors. For the past few days several members of my group haven’t been getting group coins paid out to them. They’ve contacted the game people, but they come back with a “date stamp” showing that they’ve already gotten the coins. Somehow or another, they’re not getting them even tho your date stamp says they are. One member has lost over 105,000 coins! That’s a LOT to not receive. Now I’m learning that its happened to 4 of our members. Can something be done for them to get their coins even tho its showing that they’ve received them. There’s some type of glitch that’s not working between the date stamp showing they’ve gotten the coins and them actually getting them. I know ya’ll are good about replacing unreceived coins, but they can’t seem to get any help. PLEASE HELP MY MEMBERS. Thanks.

Part 2…I told my members to keep track of their coin balance before and after their coin acceptances. I hadn’t been checking mine, but since everyone’s been having problems, I started checking. So far today I’ve been shorted 12,000 coins. What is going on? It might show on the game people’s end that I’ve received the coins, but I didn’t receive them all. Can anybody help!!!

I had that issue also, and learned that screen shots are the key. Screen shot balance before collecting with the inbox open and the uncollected coins showing, collect the coins and take another screen shot after collecting and send it all in, hopefully that helps. I also found that closing the app and reopening it did correct my balance.


I am in LouAnn’s group and am the one who lost 105000 coins. Since then I have lost 21000 more. I have been taking screenshots everytime I collect now as proof. I’ve tried logging out of the game and back in, but the balance hasn’t corrected. This is frustrating!

I know not every phone is the same, but on my phone (Samsung S5), when I go into the gallery, view the screenshot, tap on more info, it shows the date/time the screenshot was taken, on a transparent layer on top of the screenshot. I would then take another screenshot of the original screenshot with the detail info on top. That helped when they said I collected after midnight, when in fact it was before midnight my time. That was really more for me though, because I just really needed to know when the item’s time resetted (is that a word? LOL)


24,000 more coins I didn’t get just now. This is REALLY REALLY FRUSTRATING!!!

I’ve started taking screen shots of everything before and after coins. Didn’t get 3000 more just now.