Maybe Looking for a new club

Hi I’m maybe looking for a new club.

I play every day and I usually end up in the middle of the club score which isn’t too bad with over 10k per week. I find tributes and dig for gold.
I really want to find a club that will work together with the quests and gems
One that actually talks to each other on chat.
Maybe one who works on the perks in a different order to 123456

Also that doesn’t have all these rules like having to get 500 tributes and a million club points and the second you join they just chuck you out.

I am in a team now and its alright but lacking the chat and team work on the gems etc.
Possibly because of the time difference who knows.

Anyway to stop babbling on

Reply if you think your team if suitable and ill check the club out

Thanks in advance


Friende club sounds like the team for you. 2k per day, 100 tributes per week. Life happens just let us know

DIRTY DUCKS - Looking for active players to join our Gold league club. Our main focus has been completing perks, club quests & collecting tributes. We’ve got a pretty good strategy on completing the dig which has placed us in first place several times. No 24 hours idle without notification, 200 minimum tributes per week & please be willing to interact in the group chat. Come join us if interested & if you’re a team player who wants to win gems & perks! :slight_smile:

Try Perkified :slight_smile: and we have a legends team if you ever want to upgrade to a challenge.

That’s us! Request to join La Tribu. We do digging with teamwork, could do better getting club quests. We tried changing perk order but didn’t have the right kind of players so we went back to 1-2-3-4-5. Languages spoken: English, Dutch, Spanish and French. We have one opening, and possibly will have another. We allow up to 2 weeks idle but even then are lenient. At the very least look us up and Friend request me, Misty!

Gods Beauty would love to have you!

I saw your request very late but if u still want to change into a real relaxed club come join our club.
Trankila we just went up into the Platinium league.

Come join I am, I am!

If you haven’t found a team yet come check us out Team OfThrivers we are looking for new players

I would love to have you! Im starting a new team. We are casual but love to have fun.

You would be welcomed with open arms at Psalm 83:18! We have a Gold and a Stone League Team. The Gold League Team is very friendly & chatty with a family feel to it, as it’s been around longer! Our Perk Order is 126345. The Stone League Team Perk order is sequential with only a handful using chat yet, but we’re working on it! Please ask for an invite to whichever club sounds like it might suit you better! :hugs:

Give Sandy Toes a look. We are right up your alley.