Making club quests worth the effort and coins.

When the prize for a club quest is only 2 wild cards, it isn’t worth our time or coins to win it. Make the club quests worth it!


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Welcome to the forum @Gtlvme1
Feedback is always important that’s for sure.


I’ll take wild cards, but 2 or 3 free plays surely are not worth it. Actually, club quests are very rarely worth the cost. I pick and choose. I’m in a club now that rarely wins them, most players do not try. We also never have more than 4 or 5 for a dig, where I have saved a ton of coins and boosters. Debating if I should stay.


I agree. If I don’t get 10 boosters, I’m saving my coins. 4 boosters, I use more than that to play. Ugghh


Yes, totally agree!! It’s ridiculous how much one must spend to get a few measly wild cards or free plays. They really need to improve club quest rewards, make it worth our effort!

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