Luau/Kahuna discontinued

@Tiki-Tahd So I asked on the blog back in February about Kahuna/Luau, and instead of answering me, you replied to a comment on my post, and to many others that we would get more info on what would happen when program discontinued, and you wouldn’t just leave us out in the cold. Well, it is freezing here, and I am not happy at all. My Luau/Kahuna has been discontinued, others still have it, and the FAQ I was directed to doesn’t even mention the topic. I received no prior notice, and have no information on how we will be compensated.

@Sunshine, it’s to bad they couldn’t get the luau to work correctly, or maybe it was a money loser instead of a money maker for them. It seemed like a really cool feature. Hope you are compensated for your remaining days!

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Why would anyone be “compensated”? Did you pay for it? Most users don’t even have it and never did. Consider yourself lucky you had this added perk til now.

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Yes, I paid for it monthly, and in additional purchases. I have always paid for it. I don’t consider it lucky to get something I paid for. We were enticed to spend more and more, and promised if we did so, we would continue to receive ongoing rewards. I have easily spent at least $1500 in real money for these benefits, which were promised to be ongoing. Anyone that has invested this much has every right to be upset, and to expect an explanation.


It says while they make improvements. Hopefully your credits will be back then.
Maybe :pray:t2:


Thanks, but in news tab tonight got a message saying discontinued as of June 7th, no refunds, no carryover, and will never get luau, as we know it, back. Also, no guarantee if a new program comes out that we do not have to start all over, spending money again to benefit. I will leave the game before I do that. Actually, since admins don’t address concerns or questions in this forum either, time for me to just leave. How do I delete my account forever please?


@Sunshine, when I first signed up here, I asked if I have a problem with the game if I should post it here, or start a trouble ticket, and was advised to start a trouble ticket.

I think this forum is intended as a community where people can help one another, and I believe the forum moderators are here to help with the forum, but can’t fix game issues.

I’m sure Tripeaks is interested in what we like, what we want, and what we don’t like, so will read what we have to say, for ideas on how to improve the game. But we probably won’t get more than that here.

I don’t know if there is a way to do this, but in my younger years (when I had more energy lol), if I felt I was truly wronged, I would send a letter (snailmail - that’s how long it’s been) to corporate.

I also looked up for you (just in case you really are not happy with the forum and don’t want to be a part of it anymore) about deleting your account. The terms of service says you may simply discontinue using the website.

On the Kahuna Luau, I too am sorry to see it go! I enjoyed the extra goodies by spending money and extending the Luau. I also enjoy the camaraderie in our clubs, how we all are there for each other in our day to day lives, and how we celebrate when we accomplish our game goals. In pretty sure I won’t quit playing.

I truly hope you get some satisfaction and more enjoyment soon. Hugs!


It’s becoming very apparent to me and some of my teammates that most of the “changes” over the last 6 months have forced us into paying more real money. Focusing on the Kahuna, once you’ve paid your dues to get to level 10, which are quite hefty I might add, you get a really good deal on a daily basis. Now, in order to replace the boosters, we either play without them and lose, or pull out the check book to start paying cvs for their sales “specials”.

If they don’t give us what we already paid for., buy at a different rste, it’s criminal.


I would prefer to delete my account from this forum completely. I no longer want to be a member. If there is a way to do so, I would appreciate the instructions.

Click on your name Icon at the top, then right of your name is a gear click it and at the bottom there is a delete account.

Thanks so much, but I do not have a delete option…

I don’t have a delete account button either

I’m in morning. Really enjoyed those rewards!


I too am upset about losing the Luau and I would hope that TriPeaks does indeed monitor these forum threads, especially this one. What bothers me most is that they take away things before they introduce the new changes which are promised to compensate for what they have taken away. More fun, more challenge, better rewards whatever the case may be. When are the promises going to be fulfilled? Our club quests are still not working, the chests are a joke, the new world we have been waiting for is no different then the old world. I am finishing this new week and then I am done as it isn’t fun any more. When you lose games because you flip over 4 sixes and 3 fours and then flip over 6 cards none of which help, it is apparent that the game is being manipulated.


I am trying to train a few players in managing a team, and it will be time for me to quit soon. I love my team, but not the game anymore.

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strong textPLEASE dont take the Luau AWAY!!! i wont be able to afford to play if you do!!!

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You are completely right! I wouldn’t have paid for this feature, building up levels, had I not been under the impression it was life long. I was never told this was a test feature. Most tests don’t last year’s. I would be freezing right along with you but instead I’m burning up with anger. I feel I got robbed!


Ok I am not looking to get anyone upset but my car isn’t worth 1500.00 but am I to “assume” if the leading teams are leading because they spend the most ? That doesn’t seem fair to folks like me that do it the hard way?
Doesn’t WorldWinner have the same tripeaks game where people pay and win money playing?