loyal strong players

Hi I’m MeMary the leader of RumRaiders a long time platinum team that just went Diamond and plans on staying there. We’ve been top 20 and much higher this whole week. Would like to welcome anyone to join our team who is a dedicated player committed to maxing every CQ, plays daily and wants to be part of a committed generous competitive team. We have been goin for two years and have many players who have been with us over a year and a few since we started. We are in Diamond league with our sights set on going Legend. We are friendly, NO DRAMA and will remove anyone who doesn’t follow rules or use chat so please don’t join if that’s a problem for you. If not we would like to invite you to join us and see if it’s a good fit for you and us. I (we) look forward to finding the final missing players to make our dream team whole, maybe that’s you! Thanks for reading and hope to meet you soon… come find us in Diamond League… look for



Hi l am a strong player and am currently on a team that does not have very many team players, there are about 7 of us who work our butts off while the rest just coast. I am ready to move on and am interested in your club . My name is Roscoe. And I’m in Just for Fun.


Club “Fun” looking for strong players
Leader mishbet

Well please by all means come join us Roscoe! I’ll try and look for you too but if I don’t find you first please request to join RumRaiders I’ll accept you!

Hi Roscoe! We are Merry’s Misfits, and we are looking for some loyal players that can read the rules & comply. I require 15,000 cp and 100 tributes each week. I also require team player’s to max cq, & open cg. Playing the cc is optional, but if you qualify you have to play all the way through and follow rules for digging. We are a friendly team, that have become like family. If our “family” sounds like a good fit, join Merry’s Misfits!