Loyal and Dedicated Players Need

Mama’s House is down on players and need Loyal and Dedicated players. We are a platinum league team but since we have lost players we are going to go down to Gold. I need players so we can stay in the Platinum league and move up. We are a family on this team and you must max cqs and play tributes. EVERYONE welcome! Leader is Yvette

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I am interested in joining. Usually contribute 60-80000 points as well as max cqs

You sound like you would be a great fit for Supernova. We get all perks and are very generous w
ith gifts. Platinum league club. Look for Supernova with Chris Sonny Oliver. Thanks

We would love to have you. You are required to max all cqs

Thank you for the offer. Can you give me the name of your club please.
Thanks, Peter

Thanks for the reply. I see you already have a full team, so thanks for the offer and perhaps sometime in the future


If you’re still looking for a team Check out Perk Masters.

Gud game very loyal player help me plz

Peter it is Mama’s House with Yvette as leader. There are other teams with the same name. Our team is not full yet