Lost progress when signing into facebook

Help!! So I tried to log into facebook to save my progress and it said my account was already connected to facebook prior and this would overwrite my progress. I thought that meant it was going to overwrite my old progress not my new progress and now I’m back at the beginning world when I had made it the whole way to tiki paradise. Is there any way to get my previous progress back?!?!

The same exact thing just happened to me! I’m going to get kicked out of my club and lost everything I’ve worked for, including 6 million coins! Help!!!

Well this can be a complicated thing.
I can try to help, but I know @CindyLu is the best helper😍 I know.
I’ve seen that pop u say says it’s going to overwrite…that because Iv logged out of my Facebook and my hubby was logging in on my tablet to log in and play,
Iv also read where players get it confused as they are linked to Facebook once you do that …that’s your Facebook game regardless…but players have logged out and played the game on ONE device, I believe now there is no logging out to play on the devices hard drive.
. I could be wrong

**hopefully I don’t have you confused.

**so the question is did you by chance a while ago log out of FB and start playing from scratch again…if so that game could now be lost forever, as it’s loading your saved FB account.

If you are positive you never had a FB acct, it’s a possibility it’s a mess up (appleID/FB login have been set up for some time now)
And you submit a help ticket threw the game.

But like I said maybe Cindy has more ideas for u
Best of luck!

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So I might have logged into facebook on a previous device years ago but when I started playing on this phone, I never tried to log into facebook until a few days ago when this happened. The weird thing is that my old account is still a part of my club and now I’m on my club twice. I attached pictures of the club list with Miranda listed twice.

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Ok, that is odd…
I’m guessing, your old player wasn’t idle on your current team all that time was it…if it was that would be why it’s still there .
Very odd. :thinking:
Did you by chance submit a ticket with your screenshots.

You mentioned you didn’t link your new phone…so you were playing on the hard drive as I call it…now that you wanted to link you may not be able to as you have a account already linked there.

So the question would be .
Can you log out of FB …do this on the game then.
clear your data
off load FB APP.
Delete game. And wait a few minutes…
then reinstall the game only…
If by chance your old game comes back.
The only thing I could suggest is maybe making another FB ACCOUNT to link that game to (many players have several acts this way)
I believe Cindylu has topics on that here in the forum - maybe search them.

This can time consuming and you would have to remember which acct is linked where.

Best of luck to you.

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This screenshot was probably taken the day after I lost my progress so I was idle that long because I could no longer access that account. No I didn’t submit a ticket, but how do I do that? Also how do I clear my data? I’ve already logged out of Facebook even though my Facebook photo is still on there.

So I found this.

This is from the help screen found in the game under MENU-then Help, as you can see there is the still need help button on the far bottom this were you submit help tickets.

**but also I underlined the part in RED…
If you signed a game into Facebook on any of your devices it’s stuck…
.so you mentioned u did that on a old device …
The game you want may be lost now and your stuck with the account you linked to Facebook awhile ago.

You can submit a ticket, but if I had to guess it’s gone, overwrote

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Lost my progress too. The game recently starting asking to login through Facebook, which i thought it was doing, but then the next window asked to create a new game account… so I clicked cancel and went into the game. But I accidentally clicked continue and now I’m linked to a new account… with only 2500 coins. Not my 8mil coins…
I’ve deleted the game , I’ve logged out of fb, I’ve logged into FB. Are there any special tricks to get back to my account?

There ARNT any tricks, once you log into Facebook that’s your acct…
If you have never logged into FB B4 your 8mill should have carried over …I have no idea about the starting a new acct, never seen any post about that pop up…but I have seen a pop up that says we found a existing acct, which is the acct /Facebook that is open on a device.
I’m wondering if you played on another device and had logged into Fb with that account?..if so , that’s your acct.
*and then you got another device and didn’t log in, built your coins up to 8 mill …they will be gone as you were only playing on the hard drive memory of your phone…so now that you logged in it’s bringing up the old devices/your linked acct with less coins
If this isn’t the case I would most definitely submit a ticket threw the help in the game.
Best of luck to you.