Lost Player Data when logging in with facebook

I have lost all my player data and game started as new.
Facebook went down a couple of days ago and to my knowledge i have never logged in as facebook, only shared posts etc.
I logged in with facebook and game data reset, started new, i can still see my original account in club i was in so still exists.
I have logged out of facebook, out of apple, logged in as each 1 at a time then reloading game while logged out and logged in as each, seems none of them will bring my original user back in play.
Is the original account only saved on phone and not logged in anywhere, is this something only tripeaks can resolve for me, i sent an email to them but they take ages to reply, and in meantime i am losing out on perks and trial i was in etc.
Anything else i can try while waiting ?


Did you get back in, Pete?

No, tripeaks are slow to respon, took 3 days to say, we acknowledge receipt of your message and we will get back to you in 3-4 days, so slow, losing all tasks and risk being kicked from team as no way to tell them :frowning:

To my understanding, if you’ve never linked the game to your Facebook or Apple ID and then logged in using one of those, then yes, you’ve lost all your data. Get out of the game and log out of Facebook on your app and browser and clearing cache. Restart the game and see if this will bring back your other game, but don’t log in of FB if it asks you. Worth a try I think.

Click on the help icon, top left hand corner and send them a message from there, they get back to you usually within one day, they told me that as long as the acct was connected to a Facebook acct they can get it to you, although if not they then tell you to make a new Facebook acct and connect a game to it and then they will then be able to connect them.

You won’t get that account back unless you have NOT factory reset your device you had that game on. Someone had once told me to log out the current Facebook acct and delete the existing game app. Then do a Google history search for that last day and hopefully, you can reinstall that original game from that last date. However, in my case, I had done a factory reset and then because I didn’t know better also inadvertently wiped out that original game that had been in my Google log database. I hope this helps.

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I had the same problem I had myself signed into myFB account and then a bunch of stuff popped up and started me as new and logged me out but, now I can’t get into my FB account on the log into on the game so, I have nothing now and I can’t even log into any account it keeps giving me a server error. I keep trying it and it acts like it wants to log into FB but it doesn’t I’m about fed up with a game I really like :woman_facepalming:t2:

My suggestion would be to clear all cache and data from browsers, Solitaire and FB app. If you did in fact log in using your FB account then it should be no problem getting it all back. I logged [using FB acct from mobile ph] into my my tablet that never had any of my data for FB or Soliaire data just to see what would happen [just installed Solitaire on it] and I got all my stuff with no problem. Now I am back to using my mobile phone again, as that is my preference. If you are still having issues, you can always reach out to GSN via the game.


A member of my club just went through this and ended up having to contact Facebook. After 4 days, she was able to get back into her account. I’m not sure what they did but it was a glitch with Facebook and not the game. Maybe that’s the case with yours. Good luck to you!


Thank you I will have to do that I will let you know :grin::grin:

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