Lost everything

I have no clue how to use these forums . My mom has been playing this game for like 3 years and is addicted . We got new phones and she re downloaded the game but everything was gone . She said she was logged into Facebook but when I log in for her nothing happens. Is there anyway I can get all her stuff back for her ? She is quite sad about losing it all.

@Raymond_Barnett, is the old phone still available? If so, it should still work on wifi. I would double check her game and make sure it is signed in with FB.

When you go to the Menu (top left corner), if the blue square says Login, then she isn’t yet logged in.

Because she has already logged in with FB on the new phone, her new phone Tripeaks account will now be associated with that FB account.

We could probably figure out a work around to that, but let’s just see if that’s the case first.

If, on the old phone, in the game, the blue square in the menu says Logout, that means she IS logged in, and whatever coins/boosters/etc she has showing, should be available on any device.

I’m hoping the old phone is available to check that out! :crossed_fingers:


No sadly we upgraded our phones so we had to turn them in, also I’ve logged in and out of fb multiple times desperately trying to get it to work

Bummer @Raymond_Barnett! :cry:

Is there anyway :frowning: can we please find some way to do it

@Raymond_Barnett, I would contact player services. In the game, tap on that Menu button, then Help, then Contact us at the bottom of the page. You will find a form to fill out. Explain what happened. Maybe they can help your mom

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@Raymond_Barnett Another reason a FB or other social media login isn’t working is often (in my experience, especially with Android) app permissions & account login settings which are configurable & accessible in your device’s settings. I’m willing to bet that’s where the issue lies, so take the time to go into your device settings and look for where to store your acct. logins as well app permissions to access those logins so you can avoid repeatedly logging in every time you would need to. That will help with many more apps than just the game, you’ll see. Cheers. :+1:


Hi @Raymond_Barnett , I just thought of something. If I can find your mom’s player, in her club, I can look and see if her account is signed into Facebook or not. If it is, like she thinks it is, then there’s hope of recovering it.

Can you tell me her screen name and what club she is in?

You can private message me if you want, or post it here, either way works.

To PM, tap on my name at the top of this post, then tap message :slight_smile:

Hey I’m sorry for the late response can you still help by any chance

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I can at least look at her player. Tell me her screen name, and what club she is in. The club name is case sensitive, so if there are capital letters in the club name, spell it just like it is, if you can.

She doesn’t remember the club name but she remembers the name of someone else in it. Are you able to look up that player to see the club name?

Unfortunately I can’t. However, if she friends me on FB, I can find her in the game.


Ok I think that she has friended you. Thank you for all your help

Is her name Sarah? :slight_smile:

Yes it is . :slight_smile: sorry for the late response

Ok, I checked, but I’m only seeing her new player on her new phone. Sorry I couldn’t find her other player without a club name. :frowning:

Is there any way you can give back her progress or anything ? She knows exactly where she was and this is like the only game she plays. She’s pretty sad about it because she was really into it

I feel for her, I really do, I would be crying, honestly. I’m just a player, like her. You/she could submit a trouble ticket, but without the device, or club name, they might not be able to find her. Last time I looked, there was more than 2,000,000 players.

To submit a trouble ticket, in the game, tap on that Menu button, then Help, then Contact us at the bottom of the page.

Good luck, & keep us posted @Raymond_Barnett!

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I doubt there is anything they can do :frowning:

Me too, but are you/she ready to call it quits? In the meantime, while she builds up her new player, I have room in one of my clubs: p4p3, tell her to request to join us! I would like that!