Lost Diamond Scavenger Hunt

This is the second event I have been chosen to participate in a scavenger hunt. During the lost kings I barely completed the hunt however I have burned through so many coins on the lost diamonds and doubt I’ll get to collect the reward of the 15 boosters. I wish I could opt out of being a Guinea pig for these scavenger hunts!


I keep hearing about this scavenger hunt, but I have not seen anything about it on my game

Nothing has shown up for me either.

You are lucky… waste of coins and hours of game play for the same weekly bonus everyone else works on…

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So, I think I will take a sabbatical from playing this game if I get stuck playing another scavenger hunt… I burned do much time and coins… not worth it!

Because the scavenger chest is at the end of the road if you’ve completed all available levels.

Scavenger quest is junk. Waste of time, coins, boosters. I just don’t worry about it and keep playing tribute levels.

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I totally agree not worth it

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