Lost coins or booster, or game just acting up?

So over the years there have been many changes, from how we seek help, to games changes etc. This one in particular is submitting a ticket for lost coins, boosters or even a glitch in the game.

  1. Take a screen shot of the game that glitched, if you already ended the game, show them example Tiki Island #12
  2. Take a screen shot of the quest you were working on, example the quest is win 18000 coins for 1 wild card, or of the perks, example perk 4 what you should have received.
  3. If you have video option, record it. I had issues these last couple of days, and hit the record button to show how my card, once cleared, the ones underneath did not turn over.
    So be prepared to send at least 2 photos. 1 of the items if it was in the quest, and what level you were on that had the issue.
  4. Submit a ticket. While you are on the game, click your profile picture, click help, click contact us, than select the categories from there.
  5. This will be more clear to support where to look on your game long, and get your items sent to your inbox.
  6. Support works as a tier system, you may not like it but that is how it is. If you don’t get a good response, reply to that same email, it takes 3-4 tries to escelade it to the next level if you are having more of an issue.
  7. This last ticket I issued, they replied wanting screenshots. I originally did not send any, so make this as a part of your original ticket or you will be replying a couple more times just to get your items.

Update!! You can just only add 1 screenshot in the initial ticket, so pick the one that has the best information, and send the rest when they respond


Great examples! Thanks for sharing @Tracy


Thanks Tracy! I agree, take screen shots and don’t give up even though it’s a hassle. Persistence is key!


How many screen shots can you send in your initial Ticket? I just took two, but it only showed one attached.

This was a Tribute game I won, but I have know way of knowing how many Club Points I lost or how many Tributes it gave me. This has been happening a couple times a week.

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Actually I had to send a ticket in just now, it used to be 2 or 3 could send, now it looks like just 1. So I will have to wait for the reply and send in the other photo. I’ve been struggling this week also, not club points or tributes added to my score, I also had all my inbox items go poof!! I actually think I have most of the glitches sorted.
For me, I have a samsung A8. It did a software update well over a week ago, than the game app I use updated yesterday, making everything in my inbox disappear!!
Also the new connected account version I had no log out of the account option.
So, I ended up uninstalling the game, than install, and I had to click several times on the account button. That is now sorted.
My old device Samsung A5 has had a couple small glitches but the majority is due to the software update on my A8

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So did you get the login/logout button back? I lost mine with the update.:cry:

Ok, I will wait for their response and send the 2nd photo. I hope it gets better for all of us!
Thanks Tracy!


Yes, after uninstalling the game than installing it and hitting the account button repeatedly!!!


Hit it like 40 times? still the pic of the phone…I did uninstall/reinstall and did force stop a few zillion times…game keeps crashing…about 50 or 60 times since this morning.

OK! If you keep hitting it, it brings up your account! Ouila! Thanks Tracy! Just takes longer…and I have a splitting headache…

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Yep, it was a hot mess!!!

Just an update…
After 2 emails, I did receive a credit of 15k coins.


I only got 6,000 coins! You are lucky!

Well, it was for the same thing happening twice, so not really lucky. ; )

Awesome idea I’ve had issues before & this is very helpful thank you :revolving_hearts::tulip:

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#1 - You can only send one attachment. Their course of action, in my experience, seems to be:

1: Someone, whom I think can’t even read English, sends a form letter telling you to do Force Stop or Reinstall…even though you told them in initial email that you’ve already done both (which backs up the thought of it not being read).
2: If you respond, you get a form letter asking for a screenshot, which they should know is not going to happen or you would have sent one attached to original ticket (duh).
3: Again, if you respond, you will be told it is being moved up for review and never hear a word back.

Cute cycle, huh? I don’t waste my time anymore. If I get sick enough of the game, I’ll just quit. Already stopped playing/co-leading on a top 10 team with 80-100k minimum. Now play on a more relaxed team, 35k minimum, and still get 7 chests. We get 1,000 gems each time and I’ve had no need to use them. I can get 20k day 1 or 5k. Life is more enjoyable.

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Thank you for the info … I will keep it in mind when I have the next glitch! (BTW, I had internet issues w/my phone, for about a month & when buying bundles, I would go through the process of purchasing but after downloading … the bundle wasn’t there on my screen, so I would have to re-download the bundle. I later got the receipt from Apple, & would see 2 back to back charged for the same bundle. I tried to contact Apple and they have not honored the credit, saying it didn’t qualify, but I’m trying to resolve w/them. If they are not able to reimburse me for the additional bundles, would it be possible for you to send those lost bundles to me?
Lastly, I hate to be so much trouble, but I have tried so many times to go through the process you require for free coins, but after four attempts, they never arrived. I know your posts say that you’re working on it, or that it’s fixed, but every time I tried, it won’t work. It’s so frustrating & just wondering if you could help with that too?
I’m not trying to get just free stuff from you because I’ve spent almost $500 in the past 3-1/2 months on bundles, so I have paid quite a bit to play your game.
I look forward to hearing back from you!

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Nvr thought abt it before but if I ever need to again, will do screenshots & then collage before reporting issue.

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Always reply with the same ticket number. It took 5 replies to get compensation.
Not often, I have had to start a new ticket. But that’s been a handful of times I’ve been playing for years.
I know this last issue I had emailed back and forth 5 or 6 times, they weren’t getting it. And of course I had no screen shot. They said it was added to my coins, and it did not
It was a new week in playing. On the club leader board I had 10 tributes. I actually won the tribute game, so it should have been 15 now to my score, and that round in particular was over 10k! Suddenly I heard nothing back and about 2 days later I had a gift in my inbox.
Also if you make any purchases and if you don’t receive the bundle, you have to put a grievance in with google play, it’s a 30 day window. I personally had not had issues, although I always just have purchased on double gift day. Put your ticket in 1st, but keep in kind to get a refund it’s 30 days from purchase.