Lost all progress and coins

I got a message from a Co-Leader asking if I’d meant to leave the club. I hadn’t and when I checked my account it pops up “game will restart to load this account.” When it dos it is a brand new account. My name is different but my picture is the same. I am logged into the correct Facebook account but it isn’t the right account. The new account has 3500 coins And doesn’t even have level 1 Unlocked yet vs the 1M coins and every single level available as of yesterday that I had 24 hrs ago. Anyone else ever dealt with this? If so how did you get your account back.

Still no answer to my emails. Still can’t get my old account back. Still have only Tiki Island to play and honestly I’m not interested in playing a new account. My club and the progress I’d made were what kept me coming back. I will not go through this game again from start knowing what I know now. They really just did me a favor I guess. Because I couldn’t bring myself to leave my team and let them down. But now they’ve done that for me and for three days almost I’ve been trying to contact them to get this fixed. I’m just about done trying. Thanks for doing me a favor TriPeaks. Sorry bubbles

@Kristy, my first question would be: If you tap on your profile pic (top left corner), does the F (for Facebook) say log in, or log out?

If it says Log in, tap on that, and see what happens

It says log out. It has my correct Facebook linked to the game with the same pic I had been using but the name is different. It’s my first name on my Facebook profile. But the biggest difference is there is nothing unlocked as if I’ve never played. What’s even crazier about this is I’ve tried to start the game over using my Facebook profile a long time ago and I couldn’t do it. As far as I know you can’t ever go back to the beginning or remove the gold stars.