Lost account help me please

I am trying to get my original tripeaks account back. There was a glitch and it signed me in with my new Facebook page. The help I was told was to sign out of the new one and sign back in with the old. Facebook has deleted my old page. How do I get my original tripeaks profile back?

I’m sorry you’re having problems,
The only thing I can suggest is to log out of Facebook on all browsers and the fb app on your device Then log out of fb on the game. Once you’ve done this, log into one of your Facebook accounts, log in through fb on the game and see which account comes up. If it’s the right one then great. If not, then repeat again, but with the second account.

@Ladyspeedwagon If your old FB account was deleted by Facebook, I don’t know if you’ll be able to log into it with TriPeaks even if you’ve log out of the new FB account since it will not be found. Maybe try contacting FB and see if they can revive your old account.

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