Losing is not fun

I’m honestly almost done playing this app. Every game I play I come within one card of winning and have 8 or more to draw at and never get anything! It’s lost it’s luster. :frowning:

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I too have bouts of left with one card, and bouts of stretches where I can’t catch a win. But I do get those bouts where I do win also. I just make sure I reserve my boosters and just end the game when I am on a bad streak


Yea it really sucks to play a level like 9 times and dont get the cards you need, and then finally on the 10th try when you’ve used all of your money, then you win. You shouldn’t have to spend money, use wild cards, and volcano cards just to win. I think the creators should take a second look at how they have created this game and made it next to impossible to win. I love the make-up of the game but I’m about to give up and delete it because i just can’t keep spending all this money on a game. RIDICULOUS


I definitely lose more than I win! What’s the fun in that?

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I’ve noticed that at certain times I can only lose. … I call those peak player times. On weekends, I mostly lose. The game is structured to get you to spend real money to replenish your stock and coins. When I play off peak - middle of the night, early morning, late night I tend to win more. I think a game should be exactly the same no matter what time is played., and IMHO this one is not.

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Hi @Sage_West, I’m glad you found a time when you tend to win more, and that works for you. It does seem like there are times when I can not win a hand. I figured it’s s lot like playing at a casino, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Having dabbled in programming, I know there is a random function, and have always figured they load the game from a deck of cards using that random function.

That was confirmed in the last the Big Kahuna Speaks column (second question - from Raechel):

I honestly believe if there were shenanigans going on, at least 1 programmer would have a conscious, and would tell the world (very easy to do these days lol).