Losing interest fast!

Game developers need to get back to game/player/team basics. Adding all these scavenger hunts, mini tiki games, relays and key unlocking is geared towards pay to play. None of those activities help in your team or personal quests. Team quests don’t pay if you don’t have the required minimum players & teams are no longer full because of discouragement issues.


I agree! Getting fed up with this game. Too many POI and two many kegs. I want to move to a different group. Will I lose all my points?

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And if you need ten players, why not tell us how many are already trying so you can try recruiting help?

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Yes, you will lose your club points & lifetime clubpoints. It’s usually best to switch clubs right after reset. What type of club are you looking for? What club are you in now & what is your average weekly points? We’re always on the lookout for a great person to add to our family! Message me & we’ll chat!:grin:

100% agree! I play this game because I enjoy it, but honestly they make it nearly impossible to get ahead. It frustrates me so much! Also, I’m assuming people are losing interest because my team seems to be less enthusiastic lately. I’ve played the Team games til I reach my maximum and have yet to win Gems in the Tribute Hunt for lack of participation.


No you will NOT lose anything when leaving a club up until just B4 Re-Set… As long as you go back to your original club B4 reset you can be gone all week while looking for or joining a club to see if you like it… I’m a club leader , our club name is Island Friends Forever … I have a couple openings. We are a Gold/Platinum club… Rules are… No Idol over 20hrs w/o telling me first… 2 sets of 5 tributes daily, more if possible… Must read Chat…!! Must complete your part of ALL club quests…
Hope you found or find a great club… We are all very friendly ppl & we’re more like a family unit & have fun with some crazy times.
My name is Denise, there are a couple other games with the same name as mine… If you decide to join us then knowing my name will help you know your in the right Island Friends Forever club… Have a great day & good luck to you… :grin:

I agree…and it’s very frustrating that it seems like you can literally NEVER get ahead!! I cannot afford to keep buying wild cards and points!!

I moved to a different group and did not lose points!

I agree 100%. I am down to 13 players because people are getting board. Or they are tired of the team losing cq, there are more pop ups than Carter has pills. Can’t we get back to some of the old ways? There are always arguments over cc. Take us back Please!