Loosing Interest

I love Tripeaks Solitaire but I’m about to be done with this particular one. The algorithm’s are as bad as playing Vegas. Almost every game will cost me an additional $15 - $20 K to win, and will only be awarded around $5 K for the win.


Exactly! There needs to be a revision of the rewards and requirements to play the game. Also, when purchasing additional cards, there should be more than 5 cards.


I like this game but I make it a rule not buy into any offers. Are there any other solitaire games out there like this one.
Have played several others where you are harvesting and traveling nit too interested in those this one doesn’t have all that, that’s why I like it !


I’ve been saying that for a long time. When a game costs 15,000 coins to play, the payout is only 5,000. That’s not fun. All they want is your credit card. I’ve read where some spend up to {or more} $200 per week. You might as well go to Vegas, it’s more fun and the food is good.