Looks like ads are unavailable...

Are you guys ever going to fix this infuriating error? What a phenomenal waste of time! I’d be pretty irritated if I was one of your advertisers.


It’s not an error. It’s just another way to slow down your coin accumulations. There’s a way around it. Not to hard to figure out.

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I’ve asked support about this before. It depends on your area, on availability of ads. They class it as a “bonus” so if you get them great, if not they don’t compensate for it


If I’m on wifi, turning it off often fixes the problem. Also dropping a coin in the shrine frequently fixes the problem. Good luck!

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It pops up more frequently now! Most annoying!

Its aggravating but I just click ok on that message and then keep click “watch ad” again and they usually play , but it is a pain. You have to really want the coins to keep doing it

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Sometimes turning off wifi will make that error go away. Also sometimes dropping a token in the shrine fixes it for me.