Looking to rebuild

Rockin’ It needs players to rebuild.
We are currently Platinum, but due to players suddenly leaving, we will drop to Gold.
Minimum 22k a week, CQs a must.
We’re a fun group but we do like those CQs.
Give us a try!!

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Our team is in the exact position as your team…we just dropped from Platinum to Gold…would you consider a merge? We have room for about 10-12 players! Our team is Rock-a-Billy. We also have a rest team and a diamond team. We have a FB page, we’re on Messenger, and we chat. We usually got all the CQ’s and all Perks until we started losing people for various reasons…health, just needed a break…tired of playing every day…life, etc. I am a Co-leader on the team, along with various other Co-leaders…we are a great team and would like you, or anyone else reading this, to consider merging with us/join with us!