Looking to rebuild our club

Pappy’s house has been going through some housekeeping. We’re typically a platinum club. Right now still in the top gold, even short players.

We’re a fun club & not too serious.

3000 points/20 tributes per day. Read & contribute to the chat.


Looking for a merge we are a gold team survivors. dwilliams2740@gmail.com

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We are the survivors

we are short 3 players right now. Come & join us!

search for “Pappys house”

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Lisa - our club is in a similar situation/status. We’ve consistently been platinum until recently. Lost a lot of good players when school started. Now we have a few too many players who aren’t motivated enough to hit club goals. Some time ago we were in a similar state and were able to merge with another club that I knew had strong members. Would your club be willing to do a “merge” where we would take top interested players from both clubs and join together?

We are in the same situation. I am interested in a merge.

Is it public? I keep joining clubs that say they’re active, but I quickly discover that they’re not as active as I am

Yes we are active,gold team great teammates called survivors check us out.

I have at least 5 people who have said they are willing to join your club. All of us have carried this club for some time now and get at least 30k points towards club goal. Usually we are closer to 60-70k. The club name is tribute hunters. I was going to suggest our group join yours but just looking at our history, our club has existed longer, which I know has given us some additional trials and opportunities from GSN. Let me know how you feel about this. I plan on cleaning house in the next 24 hours and setting our club to invite only.

We definitely should talk about a merge I just cleaned house. Let’s do this s

Ok, I’m doing the same right now. I’ll send you an invite, then set you up as leader also and have you invite your other members

You are looking to rebuild to what gold or platinum. my club was 2k daily añd 20k weekly approximately. Also I would like one co-lead Victor he’s my rock. The two of us will do30k easily. One of my teammates just left Barbara.

We’re gold right now, short 3 people. We can be platinum if we have a full team.