Looking to merge?

Having trouble maxing quests? Missing perks? We are a platinum team looking for another gold/platinum team to merge with us. We require 5k daily minimum, maxing quests, and chatting (minimal is okay.)

If you are having trouble finding and keeping good players come join Karma’s a Beach. We have 8 open spots just waiting for your team!

Message me if you have any additional questions or just send us an invite! Karma’s a Beach is our club.


If you are still looking for players, I would love to join your team!! I play throughout the day, every day! I can’t seem to figure out how to find each club to ask to join

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Send an invite to Karma’s a Beach!
Search for Karma, we’re a platinum club at 350k. Karma is the club leader.
What’s your username?

If you are in a club
Go to the clubhouse and at the top there is a discover tab
(If your not in club I believe find a club pops up on screen or you could try the above also)
Type in the group you are searching for
Good luck to you

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5k per day is a lot for a Platinum club. Not surprised you can’t keep a full team :roll_eyes:

Life is unpredictable and messy. We understand that and will absolutely work with our team members. That’s why communication is very important with us.

Lynn, send me your player name and name of the team you’re currently in. Make sure spelling is correct on your club name.
You can send it by replying to this. Hope to see you soon!! :wink: