Looking to Merge

We have a core group of 7-10 players who do 7k plus a day, and complete club quests. Due to not getting team players we dropped from diamond to platinum. We have tried for several weeks to rebuild, but just aren’t getting what we need. The leaders of our club are willing to give up our leadership positions. Let me know if this is something that might work for your team.

Sent you a message, Stephanie :slight_smile:

Aloha Ally Cats went through the same thing! Made diamond and then a bunch left. We are in rebuilding now. We have 2 current openings immediately and a few leaving very very soon. Did you all get a new home?

Hi we are in the same position and looking for people to join our little family… no drama, just looking for likeminded individuals. We are currently rebuilding our team and we are at the bottom of the platinum league. Minimum is 3k a day and idle 14 hour max however we understand that life gets in the way. We only just changed our requirements last night from 6k a day… Must chat and complete club quests. We have room for 15 players. If your interested in finding out more about us as a team please contact me :slight_smile:

Please email me on: annie.69@live.co.za

Tiki_scotland is in Diamond league and battling to stay there as there’s few serious players looking for clubs.

Please email me and we can discuss you and your best players joining us.
My name is Anne-Marie.
Hope to hear from you soon!!

I am willing to merge we a platinum now gold have 10 code players that complete s quest. Please reply

Are you still looking for players I’m interested in merge.

Still interested dwilliams2740@gmail.com

We aren’t sorry… we now have a full team. Best of luck to you all, I hope you find what your looking for :slight_smile:

Friends/Family would love to have you