Looking to join a new club

I’m a daily and loyal player. I work hard on CQs. 18x club champion currently at Tiger Terrace level 720. I work 12 hour shifts three days a week, and I’m looking for a club that won’t automatically boot me for not being available to play 24/7.

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Hi there! Come and join our team “The Club”. We’re currently #2 in the gold league. We’d love to have you join us.

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Hi! Thanks for the invite. There are quite a few clubs with that name. How would I find you guys?

Can you post a screenshot of your club it may help players find you easier!

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Friende would love to welcome you! Easy rules just let us know when you can’t play

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@Serenity, Tipsy Tikis is a great team! We have 20 idle max, unless you communicate. That’s all we ask. We are currently on our holiday minimums of 2,500 a day, 17,500 a week (normally 28,000). We also have a bank week every 6 weeks or so. We have a lot of fun! I’m currently Tipsy Christmas Bear if you decide to join us

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Hi, please consider gingys bread! We need a few like you!

Come join Play as You Can. We are not a chatty group, but before this pandemic we always closed five perks. I try to be fair, and although our club rules state: can’t be idle more than 48 hours, I just deleted three members because they were a idle for more than 3 weeks with no notice. All I ask is that you give me a heads up notice that you’re not going to be able to play, and I won’t remove you. Life is challenging, come and play as you can, and play daily!

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Anyone have any room for me? I need a new club. I play everyday. I am a 55x club champ. I also complete the club quests. I need a more competitive club.

Although our club Friende isn’t terribly competitive, we would love to welcome you. 2k a day, 100 tributes by end of week, complete club quest. Life happens just let us know

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PP Casual has a spot for you. We are a platinum club and have 15k min but most are between 20k and 70k. 24 hr idle play tributes and cqs. Check us out.

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Hi we are Tiki Garden , we would love to have you :clap::blush: we are in the gold level with 1 place available. I never boot anyone if they communicate in notes when they need off time .

Poi’s Party needs members!

Come to Vikings,PLEASE !!!

How many spaces do you have open? There are several clubs with this name.

It says y’all are full.

Sorry you’re right but there are only about 6 of us who actually ever play.I need to find out how to get rid of the non players and then post again.I am a rookie at this!!!

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“Just Playing” is a great club looking for a dedicated player! Come try us out! But you will have to chat! We love getting to know everyone! Give us a try! Look for logo with tongue sticking out!

Come try us out! “Just Playing” with logo sticking his tongue out! Platinum right now but we go back and forth from diamond! Come on over! Please!

so sorry 2 players just joined . i have one person i believe leaving .