Looking to join a club

I’m a regular player, averaging approx 30k / week, I unlock club gifts when available, play for tributes regularly, complete my required contribution to club quests and occasionally purchase coins and small club gifts!

I’m a looking for a committed yet relaxed club with no drama, that understands family time is a priority and as a result has a no boot policy out if absent for a few days, regularly completes all club perks and is willing to regularly share coins through friends center.

Hi! I would love for you to join our club. I’m new to the club leader role but I’m trying to recruit some players that like teamwork and earning perks. Search FarmvilleFamily to join us! :slight_smile:

Hey we would love you to join our family club we all love the game and are in platinum league where we are 6th in it all we ask is you hit around 25 k upwards which you do from your post and we ask that you do your share on club quest and say maxed and get around 200 tributes minium.
If you going to be in active a day or 2 by letting us know you are sound as no removal we get all 6 perks sometimes the bonus too. We are called sonnynkelly our club name send in request if like the sound looking forward for you to be in our team

Hey Aleesha, I am the leader of Perks A Plenty, you sound like you would be a good fit for our club if you are interested. We are a pretty close knit club. We are fairly new so still climbing, we are #1 gold as of now. We do have some minimal requirements that sounds like you won’t have a problem at all meeting. Must communicate in chat that you understand our rules upon joining and post your CQM. We do ask that if you are going to be away longer than 24hr you please let us know ahead of time. If we sound like what you are looking for let me know!!

Perk Destroyers can use u please

Try us at tributes please. We are a casual club with no drama allowed. No minimums . We want players to play, but understand if you have to take a day or two off. Give us a try.

We are the Elect we do have a rule that you play every 36hrs but if you post you will be off for a couple days I understand! Our minimums are 5k points a week and 50 tributes a week. Honestly most players are not chatty so no drama here:)

We would like to have you join our club…Just Playing. We are a laid back club that understands that there is also a life outside of tripeaks. All we ask is that you communicate if you are going to be idle greater than 2 days, and try to help meet club challenges.

If you haven’t found a club, we’d be happy to have you!
Fun in the sun

Tripeaks be a star is looking for players

Come check out Nay Nay’sNay’ s Club. Great players and no minimals to meet. We would love to have you join!!

We have openings in grandma island.

Still looking? Come join Turn Up Team