Looking for team player(s)

Dutch fun club is looking for a few Daily players, we have reached the platinum league and would like to stay there.
We use club chat & noteboard no FB required, were here to play the game and have fun earn as many freebies as we can. Our rules may seem a bit much but really it’s all part of the game. Play daily, open club gift,play tributes,play club quest,chat your achievements, MAXidle 32 hrs unless saying on chat,10,000 min per week. Most players well exceed that!
If interested Leave your CLUB NAMEand PLAYER NAME here I will find you. Thanks

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Interested in joining! Madukes88.
Not sure what more you need, please advise! TY so much!

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What’s your clubs name, I’ll look u up:).

I’m in Tri Peaks group
Thank you,

research their club on Solitaire Tripeaks and you will need to submit a request to join.
Many clubs are invite only, so th Leader or CoLeader will respond, if they still have space.

I looked for you under Tri peaks (3groups w that name) didn’t find you? Saw a mama duke in the group Tri peaks master?.. ?

@inhiscare2 I found a group and so far so good.

OMG- I’m soooo sorry, I just checked to see why I couldn’t be found- it’s my error :flushed:.

My name in the group is Laurie and the group name is “The Tripeaks”

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@Inhiscare2 TY for your advise & assistance.

Can you add me please i play regularly everyday. Look up AS2

Just joined club TriPeakers