Looking for some good players

We’re looking for at least a couple solid players. We’d also like to find another experienced co-leader or two, if you’re on the West Coast US or Hawaii Alaska etc. that’s a real plus for a co-leader since we try to break it up where a leader is always on the game. Good production but low pressure, no social chat required but it is very active and welcome. Must post maxed and update CQ status in chat, especially if you can’t complete. We also have a private Facebook group for the team with game tips and more social opportunities.

Reading chat and club notes is important to be on the same page. We occasionally choose not to do a CQ etc. We are a consistent top 5 Platinum club but go up to Diamond regularly but don’t necessarily aspire to be a full time diamond club unless it just happens organically. We try to keep rules to a minimum and just be adults playing a game. You must change your name from guest, do perks in set order (we normally have golden tiki by Saturday night) and have fun. New members must earn 4K club points in their first 24hrs.

Monday night minimum is 10k (early slackers who wait on tiki not welcome) Weekly minimum is 20k but most do 30-40k and hit all the quests. If you’re looking for a club where you regularly fight to make 20k right before reset this isn’t the place for you. The low minimum is more of a low pressure safety net if you’re having a bad week. The bare minimum should never be a goal, be an overachiever!

As long as you communicate there’s no getting kicked out after you’ve been a member a little while because you came up short one week. A large part of our club are former Legend and Diamond players who burnt out from the grind. We can produce fast when we need to but don’t like being told we have to.

We play seriously but life and family still come first. No idle over 24hrs unless you chat a reason. We’re very flexible if you just communicate. Produce consistently and you get a little leeway for a bad week. Club is “No F’s to Give” request to join or PM for an invite if this sounds like what you want.