Looking for some consistent players

Do you like to play but still have a life? We need to add players who can consistently provide 15-20k minimum, 20+ preferred. Very chill club, no chat required other than to post when you max CQ but other chat is fine if you like. 1500 before idle is mandatory, don’t join until you have the time and coins to do it. No Set tributes number required but if you’re active and the volcano is hot you’re expected to pitch in. Play smart, have fun and don’t stress. No idle over 24hrs unless you chat a reason in advance. That being said if you’ve been productive I won’t dump you at 24hrs. I just cleared out a bunch of players but still have a good core. Message back if you’re interested, even if you want to wait until Thursday reset. Club is “No F’s to give” and we easily hit gold even when we’re as low as 15 players so 25 doing the minimum will take us to platinum without giving up all your free time. I’m also looking for a motivational player or 2 for co-leaders. I could use some help keeping everyone going.

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