Looking for Simplythebest Player

Simplythebest is looking for a player to join our ranks in the Legends League. If you can meet the following requirements, you are…Simply the Best!
Here are our requirements:
When you accept the join request, be ready to play without going idle (closing the game) until you get 5,000 club points (it’s kindof like our initiation to make sure you’re going to seriously contribute).
Your points will be adjusted to the date you join so you don’t have to have the same amount as everyone else for the first week, but the club will ask for 9K in club points daily and when the new perk begins you will need to get 10K on that Friday instead of 9k. If you have an issue come up (vacation, work issue, etc) just let the team know and they’ll work around your issue as long as it isn’t an every week thing.
Maxing club quests and at least occasionally participating in chat is a MUST and they keep track of who has maxed each club quest so that we aren’t keeping anyone that isn’t helping. Our “normal” rank is at least #34-35 in the Legends League, though we’d love a new strong players to help us increase that.

I joined this team late March! I absolutely love it! Great team!