Looking for players to join Tiki Firecracker

Tiki Firecracker looking for players. Started rebuild in spring. We are 18 and would like to get to 23 - 25.

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I sent a request. I used to be on a top team, but left the game for a while because it was just too much…like a job! :joy: Some days I play A LOT, but sometimes I just have other things I must do! I miss the game, have TONS of coins, and would love to help you rebuild your team! ~kel :slight_smile:

Looking for a team that likes to compete in everything the game offers. Quests, club competition etc.

We still have openings if interested. We participate in all events.

I need a new club ASAP I do a minimum of 10k and at least 100 tribs a week. Finish cqs and love to chat. I need to leave my current club FAST as we didn’t even get 1 perk last week which I think is really weird because my points alone should make at least 1 perk.
I’ve been playing for around 3 years and am currently playing in the prehistoric isle.