Looking for players for our group "the bestest"

Looking for 3k a day …help with the club quests and a minimum or 21k a week. Great group of dedicated players that could use your help in restoring our platinum status. So please consider joing the bestest…all lowercase and hope to see you there. -Rick

Just sent a request to join. “Shell” username. 3K a day no prob. Had to take a break for a few months but ready to start back up! Thx!

Hi Shell…
I apologize for just getting back now but we just went public now and have spots for you if you are still interested. Hope to see you there… :):grinning:

Hi my username is Kimba. I’m looking for a team that plays as a team. One that talks to each other and helps each other. If someone knows an easer way of doing something shares it with the other team mates. I’m a dedicated person and if you choose me I will be committed to the team. I hope I’m what your looking for thanks

Hello Kimba
I did reply but am unsure it went through. We have 2 spots open currently and if you give me your current club I will send invite …thanks again