Looking for players At reset

Let’s do it will have 10 spots open at reset. We are a gold team who wishes to stay gold. looking for strong drama free players:) must complete club quests , play tributes and communicate in chat :slight_smile: Dig Is optional but if you qualify we expect you to dig and do your best to max shovels:) we are open to public until reset. If you think our team may be for you come on over and chat with us :slight_smile: or comment here :slight_smile: we have open spots now if you wish to join us

Mustang Moe’s needs some team players, club quests and tributes a must, we are a family of team players who always do our best to work as a team and do our best to max quests

Do you have any open spots tomorrow? Nov 11, 2021

Looking for a new club if you still need players(11/12/21)

Name of club? Do you boot within the first 24 hours or so you give people a chance to actually be a part of the team?

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