Looking for new team members

Hello everyone. Our team is looking for a few new members. We require 10 k per week. 36 hrs idle and we remove players. Our team is invite only. But if interested you can request to join. We are called Beaches. I hope I did this right.


You a great job! Good luck to your team.

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Beaches. I request to become a team member. TY

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Barbara let me know if you are still interested

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Yes I am still interested

Please come request to join. It is Beaches in case there is more than 1 look for my name Dar and the leader is Dee. Look forward to having you. I will keep a look out for you

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I am a leader that will be looking for one or 2 new player at the beginning of the next celebration. Requirements are 6k/day, 42k/wk, mandatory that everyone meets minimum until the gold card is back, mandatory club quests contribution, newbies 3k before idle, 24 hrs idle w/o explanation gets the boot. We are a very close, tight group that has a great time in chat! Message me if interested.

Hi Dar,
Are you still looking for members? I’ve been playing for awhile, but haven’t joined a club yet. Yours sounds like what I’m looking for.

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I amwe are Beaches. We are a gold league. If you have trouble finding us let me know. The leader is Dee and I am co leader

I just sent a request to join.

I accepted so come :smile:

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Sorry to see you go Lin. Apparently we have some issues!