Looking for new players for the Newly formed growing club ice hotel


Just been given the reigns of the club a few weeks ago so thought I’d let you all know about our relaxed no weekly minimums club.

We’re currently climbed from nothing to the gold league but would love to grow to platinum or higher of course. Just needs some dedicated players! :wink:

As I said currently no weekly minimums & all welcome just don’t idle for longer than 24hrs without letting us know why or risk being removed by myself.

All I ask in return is play your part when you can of club quests etc

I’m an ex diamond & legend league player so no the game well but sadly life has been crazy since Covid so taking some down time. A fellow long term team mate started the club whilst she needed some down time moving but past the reigns over! :wink:
See I want this to be a club that appreciates there’s life outside the game & commitment of constantly playing. Just play when you can but be committed to play your part or let us know! :wink:

Come check out my club & search for the Ice Hotel

I look forward to welcoming you on board! :wink:

Dawn (club leader!)