Looking for new member for an awesome team!

Classy Seniors is looking for a very active daily player. we’re a little over 500 right now but usually finish under. 15k min…do tributes and read chat…we know real life comes first so just give us a heads up when you’re gonna be gone more than 24 hours…We always get all 6 perks and sometimes the special one if it isn’t too hard…Very fun group!

Would love to check out your club,am active most every day,usually get 15,000 points or mire a week. My club seems to have fizzled out. I am not looking for a club that has a bunch 9f rules,just want to have fun and complete perks

Hi Terrie, I’m not the leader so I can’t bring you in myself, I don’t even know how, but I told her about you. Are you in a club right now?

Maybe search Classy Seniors and request join?

Yes I am,in Laney’s Club. It is down to 10 people now,used to be 20… so it’s hard to get the levels done now… so sad :zipper_mouth_face:

I will search for it,thanks

Ok I’ll tell Lisa, our leader…