Looking for new club sept 21

I am looking for a new club. My club leader left weeks ago and now all the long term members left. My weekly average is between 24000 and 28000. I play everyday


Come check out ‘girls have fun’ you’ll fit in perfectly. What’s you screen name, so I know who you are if you do request to join.

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We would love to have you. Thy Will Be Dun 2

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Please join our group Ravens

Tracy winning is the club. Since our leader left have not been enjoying I like having the challenge

I realized I made a mistake it is #winning is the club name and I updated my name to Tracyrobyn

Hi Jenny my user name is Tracyrobyn

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We got you girl !! Come on board !! We are excited!!

Looking for active players to join our club…min 50k weekly…we were ranking below 100 and our top 2 players left and club needs new players…we still have alot of good players… name of club is tiki hunters

Sunny’s Island is looking for players im starting to clean up some of our people that arent even close to rquirement you sound right for our team. Im jeni johnson on fb from indiana send me a friend request and pm me if interested or questions we were a 500 ranking club recently been 1000 but wanting dedicated players so we can get back up to 500 or less

Sorry all, but she’s currently on our team. :blush: