Looking for new club NO DIGGING

Just left what was a truly great fit for me, but it’s fallen on tough times, leaders gone, etc. I loved it because club points and perks were the goals, not the club competition, which just prevents perk completion, in my opinion. Also the perks order was 1 2 3 6 4 5/special perk, which is the best order I’ve seen yet for actually completing all perks. Some clubs advertise no digging, but when I get there, they’re digging away. So, I’m here, if anyone has that kind of club. Ours was always either platinum or gold, which was awesome.

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You just described what we want. Only if perk 7 is in reach, may they dig which is optional . Join us Tiki_scotland is the club for you! And bring some friends along that share your feelings!! Can’t wait to have you on our team! :wink:

We would love to have you on Rock a Billy! We are a platinum team that has dig as optional. We have a FB page and messenger chat just for team members - it makes communication a lot easier!

At Karma Krushers we don’t dig. I am the lead and hate the dig game. That tells you a lot. Come check us out. If you decide to give us a shot? Let me know what’s your gamer name