Looking for new club NO DIGGING

Just left what was a truly great fit for me, but it’s fallen on tough times, leaders gone, etc. I loved it because club points and perks were the goals, not the club competition, which just prevents perk completion, in my opinion. Also the perks order was 1 2 3 6 4 5/special perk, which is the best order I’ve seen yet for actually completing all perks. Some clubs advertise no digging, but when I get there, they’re digging away. So, I’m here, if anyone has that kind of club. Ours was always either platinum or gold, which was awesome.

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You just described what we want. Only if perk 7 is in reach, may they dig which is optional . Join us Tiki_scotland is the club for you! And bring some friends along that share your feelings!! Can’t wait to have you on our team! :wink:

We would love to have you on Rock a Billy! We are a platinum team that has dig as optional. We have a FB page and messenger chat just for team members - it makes communication a lot easier!

At Karma Krushers we don’t dig. I am the lead and hate the dig game. That tells you a lot. Come check us out. If you decide to give us a shot? Let me know what’s your gamer name

You would be a prefect fit for Hell Yeah. Digging is not mandatory (I never dig) and it is not done every time.
Our order is the same as your old club.
Come join us. We are a platinum club.

I’m new to Tiki - What is a “dig”?