Looking for new club asap

I play most everyday but sometimes can’t with my 12 hour work shifts. Looking for a club that won’t boot me if I’m not active every 12 hours.

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Hi Cyndy, not sure that we haven’t talked before but Going Up would be glad to have you. 12 hours absence is not a problem for us :slight_smile:

Cyndy, My Coffee Break would love to have you . We have 22 hour idle time work all club quest and make 20k per week.

Thank you!!! I have sent a request

Hi Cyndy, We are a newer team formed for a stress free playing experience, Beach Bum Fools would love to have you! Our idle is 24hrs but when conditions happen that’s life! We get it. We even have a rest team if that would be better for you.
Check us out if you’re interested! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would like to join

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Come join Chasing Tikis

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I would love to how do I do that?

Hey hi Heidi, look up Beach Bum Fools and request to join. We’d love to have you!

If you’re already in a team go to the clubhouse, you see the tab on top that says discover, go there type in Beach Bum Fools exactly as it’s spelled. We should show up just scroll until you see us. If you’re not in a club you have to to try and collect the bonus gift in your daily collecting area and it will pop up saying you need a join a club to collect this, click ok and the thing will pop up do a search or discover section typing our name in there. Hope that helps you and hope to see you! :slightly_smiling_face:

TikiKnights are looking for players. I only boot players that haven’t played in a few days and that’s only after a couple of weeks

Perkgetters needs you

Bullfrogs …please join us

WooWoo…would love to have you…we only boot after 72 hours of inactivity…

Come to Linda guapa we live for u to join I work a lot also

Happy to have you in Perk LOVE. Must play within 48 hrs

Hi If you’re looking for a good club with no pressure Spins, Friends and Wins. Is the club for you. I’m the club leader and would love to have you join us. We are more family than a club. We only ask for you to donate 1 million to show you’re sincere. Then you can spin and donate as you please. My friend code is 44983578.

Hi lady, if you like, you are welcome to join our group. It’s called Rock N Roll

Tiki Lounge is looking for a new player. Come join us.

You’re welcome to join Tripeak Warriors. We’re not a pushy club. Only requirement is to play weekly. Anyone inactive 7 days or more are removed. No other limits. We’re just people who enjoy playing the game in a relaxing atmosphere. We’re also very quiet, lol.