Looking for new club 40k player

I am looking for a new club. I average around 40k. Looking for a club that completes all perks.

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You can check out Exotic Empire if you’d like. We’re currently a platinum club due to some covid-19 related turnover and therefore short on members, but at full strength we are a low level diamond club that has reached as high as the teens.

Mins are 35k/300 tributes. No idle before 3k.


just Do it $ has and opening private message if your interested

@Marty_Williams, we have 2 spots available in Play4perks. We have 4 clubs, so if you have something going on in your life where you can’t play as much, we move you to one of our clubs that require less points until you are ready to play strong again.

More info here:
Lifetime opening in Play4perks 🤩

And this is about all of our clubs
Join the Play4perks Menagerie

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Hi Marty. Purple Tiki has 2 openings. We have a variety of players with some getting 40k + and some that don’t. Minimum is 28k. We always get perks 1 through 6. Usually get the special perk unless it is a super high amount. I have 3 co-leaders that help monitor and provide encouragement. Currently public due to having 2 openings.

Perk Smashers has openings, 20k/300 tribe a week, 24 hr idle time, and chat is a must! We are a fun group! We usually collect all 6 perks and sometimes the 7th