Looking for Motivated Forever Family

Hi there Tripeaks Addicts !

Our team is back on the recruitment page to hopefully find a motivated team player , who would like to join our team as a forever fam member .
Our team Acheives all Perks & Extreme , even if we are lacking players . We have an awesome core of dedicated family , who work together to complete all quests and perks . We have Goldie on Sat , and all Perks completed by Sunday evening .
We motivate and encourage our family and share tips for better game play . The most important part , is we all communicate , we have a FB group and messenger , to relay imp game info , and some fam choose to share life experiences , where we offer our support and lift up our fam mem.
We all vibe well together and hopefully our new fam member is reading this post and thinking about giving us a try . We do ask for commitment as a team player, and just ask to comm any issues with idle times or quests . We always cover one another in these circumstances .
We do require 7k daily points , most do more . And to communicate !
All quests are mandatory , unless we decide as a team to pass it .
Every member has a say , and is listened to . We appreciate any and all suggestions from member .
If this sounds like a place you can call your 2nd Home , please send a request to ‘BLAZED’
We are a long standing diamond league team
Happy Hunting Team Seekers !
You’re perfect fam is out there !
xx 420