Looking for more players!

Newly started club!
We have players who are friendly yet competitive with each other! Looking for a few more players! Our goal is to be able to finish all perks.

3k for new players before going idle
18k weekly minimum
No more than 28 hrs idle
Players must read chat!

We are lenient with total hrs idle as long as it’s communicated beforehand and you still reach the weekly minimum.

Looking forward to meeting you! :hugs:

Tiki Go Getters

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Don’t forget to add how many tributes are required as they give your team almost double the club points. Good Luck!

Thanks, but it’s not a requirement by our team. Of course we still encourage it.

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Just out of curiosity, how come tributes are not a requirement in your club?

People get them. As long as people meet our weekly point minimum it doesn’t matter. We have our top players who get hundreds of tributes. Not really worried about the volcano erupting.