Looking for loyal players

Merry’s Misfits is looking for some loyal players. I require 12,000 cp & 50 tributes weekly. Also play every day, play cq (club quest), open cg’s (club gifts), CHAT. Playing club competition (cc) is optional, however if you qualify, you play all the way through. We dig 1 hole at a time, playing as a team ie: dig “F1”-type in chat “F1”, the next person will dig “F1”, then they will type “F1” in chat, dig until we get gold, the person that finds gold, picks the next hole. Chat is important during digging. I also require chat regarding cq, type maxed, tribute cq, or maxed, rs cq. You need to tell me which cq you maxed because they do run back to back. I need to know who maxed, which one, so I don’t boot someone who did max. I believe in playing as a team, and to be honest with the team. If this sounds like something you would like, please join our friendly team Merry’s Misfits!

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How do you ask to switch clubs?


I’d like to do the same thing but unsure how to find a club


Above the names there is a “Leave club” button. Don’t forget to go to “Discover” tab above names and request to join Merry’s Misfits. Some have found it under Merrys Misfits, without the apostrophe

You cant keep up with players who have maxed a club quest? because they run back to back, Umm,yes one ends ,another begins so …??? maybe you’re not active enough to keep track? No idea what you’re saying but just use a quest board.
Make a space in your notes, for Quests… list the quest your club is working on,when someone maxes it, add their name to the board. ( or start out with all club members listed and remove their name them when they max)
Quest ends, you see who didn’t max, boot or whatever, but you just move on to the next one. If you cant keep up with that yourself,then get a trusted co-leader to help.