Looking for long term club

I am not sure even how to fix and a club. I’ve played close to 3 years now only 2 clubs the first one almost a year then the second club lose to 2 years. I pretty much play every day. I play steady, always send coins. Not really sure what I average daily. Stronger at foil g after perks and eed stars. My health is not great at the moment. I am prone to over sleep a lot lately. It is not like me to have over amounts of idle time. Just waa ant to play.

Hey @hunniedust the Resty Place would love to have you. Here are our rules let me know what you think :slightly_smiling_face:

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Come check us out we are a great team with up to 3 day idle if you have said why, we don’t kick people out for life reasons. Need 14K a week and you must use chat, also no guests. Have an opening after reset this week. The name is Shy’s Savages we bounce back and forth from gold to platinum.

Feel free to join Woowoo…only ask that you nor be idle more than 3 days without notice…

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Come to Island Hopper

Our club, Impossible, is a friendly team.
We Communicate regularly on our board, and we’re in the Middle of rebuilding after losing several players all at once. It’s hard to find good players willing to max the club quests. Come check us out. I’ve been here two years and refuse to leave, despite the current losses because the others who have been here long term are so great!

Hi Hunniedust…if you did not find a new team yet, come join Showmetheapples! We are a friendly top 15 Platinum team and our perk order is 126254S. Daily club minimums are 3500 Club Points and 25 Tributes. Must use Chat to tell us when you max a club quest or will be idle for an extended period of time. Digging is optional in Club Competition. Join us today!

Come check out our team.” Impossible “

Wenn Du noch immer einen Club suchst zum bleiben und Spaß haben, dann bist Du bei uns genau richtig… 3 von uns haben in der legende gespielt und nun haben wir einen eigenen Club (spielen in ser goldenen, was auch prinzipiell nicht gesteigert werden muss ) - dieser läuft schleppend an, aber nach und nach findet sich immer mal wieder ein festes Mitglied…
wir wollen Spaß haben und ihne druck spielen. Clubquests erfüllen und Tribute spielen - das sind die einzigen 2 Dinge die eingehalten werden sollten :wink:

tricky~tiki würde sich freuen Dich bald begrüßen zu dürfen :slight_smile: