Looking for good players.

Playdaily club is looking for good players. The minimum daily is 1000 club points and 25 tributes. More is always nice. There is a 24hr max idle. Freeloaders will be removed. Please ask for an invite if you are interested.


Hi I am interested I play for hours everyday and would like to join if you can keep me posted, my user name is Fluffball 55 :grinning:

Our club name is Playdaily. The club is private,so you can ask for an invite. We would love to have you.

I am interested. I am pretty sure I meet your requirements

Feel free to go into the club’s and look for Playdaily. We are private, but please ask for an invite. We are just really tired of freeloaders so we are not public anymore.

Playdaily is still looking for more members. We want to be higher ranking and get more perks (max is 4 -5 now), but need more players. We are tired of freeloaders and people who don’t listen.