Looking for fun & Solid players

We are looking for a couple new players that play daily, like to chat, keep up with quests & tikis. We do bounce between plat & gold but with a few more solid players we can stay plat. Overall we are pretty relaxed and a cool group.

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I’m interested. I was in a platinum club for 3.5 years, but it got to be too much. Looking for a team with requirements of 10 to 15 k a week. I play daily and contribute to quests. Has your team been around a while and have long term players?

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Our requirement is lower. It’s at 7.5k now. This is not an old club with long time players. We are trying to build up to that honestly. You are more than welcome to join if this works for your needs though.

Kicked out of gold league club cause I didn’t hit all quests I play everyday but life and work are more important I usually get many tributes a day just depends log in frequently just to get bonus when i can

Brian you are welcome to check out our club Friende. Easy rules, 2k per day, try to complete quest, let us know if you can’t play

Whats your club name?

Friende (forgot to spell check when I started club)