looking for friendly and committed players

Spacehog is looking for a couple team players who can commit to a minimum of 20K a week, and no more than 22 hours idle. Most of our players make well over the minimum, we always get the 6 perks, and strive to stay under 500. Friendly club, and we just ask that you communicate if you occasionally don’t have time to play, and you must use the chat

Hi :blush: My name is Junia. I am a few days into this game. I have figured out quite a bit. Unfortunately I spent a bit of money to figure it out…but I have a handle on it now. I am a big chatter and getting nowhere in my current group. I am sure it is because half of them are brand new. I really enjoy playing and I feel really good about meeting your quota of 20000 a week. I would like give it a shot if you are up for it. I have 198 red stars on the rookie leader board and am currently in the 1st spot in my club

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hi Junia. you’ll need to go to your clubhouse and search for Spacehog under the discover tab, and then send an invite

Great. Done and done :slight_smile:

k you’re added! welcome! I assume you know where the chat tab is in the game?

I sure do…belated response lol