Looking for fierce players

Hi Are you up for a challenge to help a diamond team to get to legend.
Crazy Perk Team is the club,a friendly bunch.
General rules,chat,8k+cp daily,500 Tributes weekly,complete all club quests,no more than 18hrs idle unless we are warned in advance.

Hello i’d like to join. I play daily and can meet the requirements :blush:

Hello Esh.if you put a request in I will accept you.otherwise if you let me know your present club I will send you an invite.
Thank you for your reply.

Accepted you Esh.Are you around at roll over if so there will be a place unavailable. Or possibly before…I have in formed my co leaders Joe and Pam to look for you.
You can friend me on Fb Faith Bourke.

I’m ready when you are, tonight or at reset.

Look forward to you joining our crazy team.

Me too! I sent you a friend request