Looking for Dependable Players - Platinum Club

Hello - Peek a Boo is an ambitious platinum level team looking for 2-3 new players. We have a 5,000 point daily minimum; must play tributes; must contribute to club quests and communicate in the chat. We have a group chat in Messenger that we encourage people to join (it’s very helpful). Everyone is friendly! We also participate in the digging comp, but you don’t have to - we just ask that people who can’t commit to at least 16 shovels should not try to qualify, and we work in relays. We’re almost always in first place in the competition (except the first comp after reset… we don’t gun for digging until we have the golden tiki).

We have multiple players with alternate accounts who step in when we need them, and we work well together - we’re jus trying to build up to a solid 25. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum @Beckasaurus_Rex
Best of luck filling you team!