Looking for daily players!

My club needs about 10 daily players. I would like each player to average 1,000 or 2,000 per day and help unlock the club gifts. And players who want to chat! :slight_smile: The club name is Karma. Thanks!

I may have a couple players at the end of this week that I might send ur way. They click the fee gifts and earn 4-8k a week. I know that is lower than u want. But if u r just getting started they are consistent. I have just gotten many players that do more and I feel my club is wanting to really work on higher perks now and there’s a little frustration brewing with these 3 players that aren’t able to play as often. Tag me and let me know if I can send them to you. I’ve wanted to place them but most clubs have requirements too high for these guys.

I’ll take them! :slight_smile: I have set it for Invite Only so I quit getting guests that go idle for days with 0 points :slight_smile: Thanks!

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What is your game name (I know club is Karna but just to avoid confusion) so I can make sure they find the right club. Thanks!

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The club name is Karma, my game name is Heather B.