Looking for committed fun players!

Let’s play Solitaire is looking for 4-5 players. If you have never been in a group, this is your chance. Although we don’t pretend to be on the very top teams, we expect our players to all be responsible and fill our weekly goals and minimums: when you join you need to be at 5000 before going idle, 12,500 by Sunday evening and 35,000 by cut off date. Play all team quests and help fill all perks, including 7th. NO idle over 12 hours. BUT, we care about each other very much and if you encounter a personal hardship, just let us know and we’ll pray for you and wait for you until your situation is resolved. We just want every member to be responsible and carry its own weight. If you want friendship and support, come and be part of our group, you’ll love playing with us!

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