Looking for any active club

Are there any available? Daily player

Hi Becky, tribute rulers is looking for consistent players. Follow perk order, 20k per week, read chat/notes, no idle over 24hr unless you notify leader (s). We know people have lives outside of this game :slight_smile: but we do like winning lol

Ohana Hui is a great new club for active players. 10k+ by Sun, 25k+ by Thurs. Look us up! We have a few openings.

Spacehog is looking for a consistent active player. 20K a week minimum. we are trying to get back to being a top 500 club, but need a couple more good players. I’d say we’re fun and friendly and slightly competitive. we all have lives, but we also like winning :slight_smile:

Look for A Shore Thing and send a request. We are looking for daily players.

Hi @Becky_Sue1. Here We Go Tiki is looking for active daily players. 26 hr max idle without notice. Play tributes and club gifts. Read chat and follow perk order. Would love to have you join us!