Looking For An Upper Level Platinum Club

Hi! I’m looking for a club that will accept me - in spite of my Island 3 level…which is by choice. I am currently a co-leader in a platinum club and am in second place.

It has to be a club that focuses on tributes and club quests, and doesn’t require members to participate in club competitions, which I refuse to play.

I play multiple times throughout the day, focusing on tributes and maxing club quests.

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We have been a top diamond team. Our leader retired last week and we had to start fresh. This last week we were in Rookie league, moving up to Wood league tonight. We will be diamond again as we move up weekly. We finish all perks and quests. Don’t think you’re moving backwards because you’ll join a friendly team, yet firm on rules, that’s on the rise.


Check us out in the Top Teams tab. Even though we’re Rookie League we’re hanging in there with diamond teams even though down two players.

Oh, and we don’t require digging. In fact, usually only 10 or 11 of the team dig.

You need 50k per week, max all quests including both trapper quests.

We would love to have you join our team. Tiki-Time is rebuilding and looking for committed daily players.